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Lexi / Lix
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Hi. I like purple, and spending all my waking hours thinking about things that don't exist.

Icon by baabeast, ty~


R4: Today, for Tomorrow [Mod Comic Opener] by lixelated
R4: Today, for Tomorrow [Mod Comic Opener]
See journal and this extended version of the screen commands for further information.

Humungous thanks to everyone who's been a part of Auroris - see you guys at the finish line! 

Lineart & greyscale by Ana (baabeast)
R3: Belly of the Beast [Mod Comic Closer]
R3 is DONE. I'm so excited for these entries woooooo
Hope you're not tired of surprise deox gifs yet.
Worth the Chill [Biome e00] by lixelated
Worth the Chill [Biome e00]
Yormund and two of his nieces make a midnight entry for the sculpture contest.
Yormund Feng [Biome] by lixelated
Yormund Feng [Biome]


Name: Yormund Feng
Age: 28
Gender: male
Height: 5'10
Birthday: July 25th
Occupation: trapper/wilderness guide/research field assistant (gopher duties)


Personality: Yormund is a big fan of what he calls 'the simple life'. As one of those people who somehow manages to crash every computer put in front of him, he was happy to escape the bustle of city life as soon as he was able to support himself with trapping game and doing other odd jobs for people not as accustomed to spending all day with nothing but snow, wind and sky. He considers his modest hunting cabin a paradise on earth for its peace and solitude, but that's not to say he despises society or anything. Like most people in the Tundra biome, his rather large family is close to his heart - it's just that he prefers these things in moderate doses. 

History: The Fengs have been in the Tundra biome as far back as they can remember, and are content with their truly mongrel bloodline. They're also very in touch with their spiritual sides as a rule, and contribute to the communities that gather for the spiritual circles regularly, though they're not exactly rich. For this reason, they and their attending sage were delighted when Yormund showed some talent for reading the truth in runes at a young age, only to have to cover their disappointment later on when he proved to have precisely zero interest in following a sage's path. Instead, Yormund found his calling by following his uncle out on trapping and guide expeditions, and has never regretted his choice. 

+ comfortable silences
+ idiot-proof survival gadgets
+ the sound of Ila's snoring
+ telling his nephews and nieces stories
- when the smoke blows in your face no matter where you move around the campfire 
- sudden loud noises
- most technology
- having to meet society's standards for hygiene when visiting family

Relationships: mother and father (alive), uncle, grandmother (lives with his parents), three older sisters (two of which are married with kids) and a younger male cousin who grew up in their house

Battle Tactics: Yormund's main problem is keeping Pakak, his poliwag, from getting to aggressive in battles Yormund doesn't even want to start. If pressed, Yormund will call on Ila to finish threats quickly using last resort after a quick ember, but he prefers to use his pokemon's talents for trekking to battle. 

Additional Notes: Doesn't use TMs because he doesn't trust his luck with technology. The stick on his back is mostly for walking but he does have limited defensive combat skills with it, i.e. he may try to brain you with it if you come at him with a knife


Name: Pakak

Pokemon: poliwag
Gender: male
Level: 18
Ability: swift swim
Type: water
hypnosis - psychic, --pwr, 60acc, 20pp
bubble - water, 20pwr, 100acc, 30pp
double slap - normal, 15pwr, 85acc, 10pp
rain Dance - water, --pwr, --acc, 5pp
Personality: 'Pakak' means 'one who gets into things'. This poliwag is a ball of strong emotions that are all somewhere between aggression, curiosity and hunger. He seems to be trying to prove himself, but to what and in what way are uncertain. 
Short History: Pakak joined the team more recently, as he attacked one of Yormund's net traps repeatedly, even continuing on to attacking Yormund himself when he went to retrieve it. At first, Yorm thought maybe Pakak's mate or friend was caught inside, but no, the poliwag was just angry at the intrusion into it's territory. Yormund caught him because he wouldn't stop following him, and was making a racket, but the poliwag didn't leave when later released so he captured him again, for good. 

Name: Ila

Pokemon: flareon (albino)
Gender: female
Level: 42
Ability: guts
Type: fire
ember - fire, 40pwr, 100acc, 25pp
last resort - normal, 140pwr, 100acc, 5pp
Personality: Slow, yet graceful, Ila moves more like a stream just beginning to thaw in spring than the dancing flames of her type. Almost nothing can provoke her to anger or hatred; she does not seem capable of revenge or grudges. However, she is not perfect - she has no protective instincts to speak, and is overly-proud of her white fur.
Short History: Ila was a gift from the sages when Yormund began to show signs of aptitude for their work. Though they'd never say it, they probably regret bestowing a rare-coloured pokemon on him now, as he never did much to pursue their path. Still, Ila has proved a loyal and long-lasting companion who understands Yormund better than he does himself, as he does her.


RP Info: I've never rped over google docs before but that sounds like a great idea. I'm also up for tumblr rps as soon as I get a blog going, and skype ones, though I tend to answer those with shorter replies. I'd prefer not to rp over email, and I'm ok with rping on dA but it's my least favourite.

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